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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A career in the Foreign Service alternates between Singapore and one of our 50 missions around the world. Always on the frontline of global developments, Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) respond swiftly to events happening around the world to safeguard and advance Singapore’s interests. This includes analysing geopolitical developments, organising high-level visits and meetings, sharing Singapore’s technical expertise with developing countries, as well as assisting overseas Singaporeans in distress. At MFA, experience a career like no other. To find out more about life in the Foreign Service, visit
Optiver Singapore

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The first video would be more suitable to those interested in technology, and the second video for those interested in trading.

Company description
Optiver is a leading proprietary trading firm powered by technological innovation. 

For over 35 years, we have created long-term value by improving financial markets around the world, making them more transparent, stable and efficient for all participants.
With our focus on technology, risk management and research, we actively trade on 70+ major exchanges, where we’re trusted to always provide accurate buy and sell pricing no matter the market conditions. 

To be not only active, but also precise, across such a volume of markets and products is a hugely complex challenge – and solving it is exactly what we thrive on.
Qube Research & Technologies (QRT) 

Company description
Qube Research & Technologies (QRT) is a global quantitative and systematic investment manager, operating in all liquid asset classes across the world. We are a technology and data driven group implementing a scientific approach to investing. Combining data, research, technology and trading expertise has shaped QRT’s collaborative mindset which enables us to solve the most complex challenges. QRT’s culture of innovation continuously drives our ambition to deliver high quality returns for our investors.

Opportunities across Quantitative Research, Quantitative Development, Software and Infrastructure Engineering.

Graduates sought: Mathematics, Statistics, Machine Learning, Physics, Financial Engineering and Computer Science.

Internship/Grads’ Roles we’re recruiting: 

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