Overview of Events

Every year CUMSA organises a slew of events for our members. From Ski Trip to Singfest, we aim to connect people in fun and meaningful ways!


CUMSA Orientation is held in Singapore every summer to provide incoming freshers an opportunity to get to know their peers, as well as to clarify any doubts with the seniors. Freshers can look forward to a 3-day event (with an optional overnight component) packed with activities designed to build friendships and connections. The Orientation is usually held around late-August to early-September.

CUMSA Formal

CUMSA Formal is held annually with hundreds of CUMSA members getting together and meeting the freshers. Formals are three-course dinners served by colleges in Cambridge. You can look forward to a night of good food and amazing company.

Bridgemas Carnival

Bridgemas Carnival was a new initiative in 2023, where members gather together to celebrate Cambridge’s version of Christmas. People come dressed in their best Christmas outfit, and enjoy an evening of carnival games, pub quiz and gameshow.

Garden Party

The CUMSA Garden Party is organised at the end of the Easter term for outgoing finalists to spend a day together before they graduate and move on to the next stage of life. Food, music and activities are provided. Non-graduating members are also welcome to attend to enjoy the party and send their seniors off.

Annual Ski Trip

Every year, CUMSA organises a ski trip to the mountains of France. Held in December, this is a chance for members to relax after a hectic Michaelmas term and hang out with friends or meet new people. In past years, the trip has been organised at resorts including Serre Chevalier and La Plagne. Offering participants subsidised student group prices, members also get to enjoy the slopes without breaking the bank.


Singfest is one of CUMSA’s flagship events, where fellow Singaporeans gather to celebrate Singapore’s food culture! Hundreds of participants and volunteers came together to cook and enjoy delicious food that tastes like home – sambal stingray, bak kut teh, pulut hitam just to name a few.

Oxbridge Games

The Oxbridge Games is an annual sporting event, which aims to spark some friendly rivalry between CUMSA, the Cambridge University Malaysia Society (CUMaS), and our Oxford counterparts, the Oxford University Malaysian and Singaporean Student Association (OUMSSA) and Oxford University Malaysia Club (OUMC). Each year, societies from Cambridge and Oxford take turns hosting this flagship event, with sports events like badminton and football, as teams from both sides compete to decide the final victor.

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