Connecting with Us and Fellow Freshers

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Connect with your fellow freshers and stay updated on our fresher activities by joining the 2022/2023 freshers Facebook group and Telegram group and following us on Facebook or Instagram!

Guides for Freshers

In addition, CUMSA publishes guides for freshers each year which can be found under the “Useful Guides” section.

The Freshers’ Guide is an annually-updated document that contains useful information for freshers (Undergraduate and Graduate) coming to Cambridge. The guide provides invaluable advice on preparing for your pre-departure, settling in and life in Cambridge. This is definitely a must-have for every fresher coming to Cambridge!

The Family Guide is a useful guide for parents and kids alike to get to know each other better and plan activities in Singapore/Malaysia and Cambridge.

The Leisure Guide is a detailed guide useful for all Cambridge students to find out more about activities within the city. With the guide, you’ll never get bored, there’s always more for you to do in and outside the city!

Packing guidelines

A friendly neighbourhood senior has prepared packing guidelines from crowdsourced information to help you decide what, and how much of it, to bring to Cambridge—with thanks to Jeng Yang.

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