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CUMSA Graduate Formal 2017
It’s finally here!! CUMSA Graduate Formal this time will be held at arguably the best in formal food that Cambridge has to offer – St Edmund’s college! Come luxuriate in a three-course meal including pre-drinks and wine, and finish off with coffee, biscuits, and cheese! Limited seats available on a first come, first serve basis so be ready when ticket sales open on Wednesday 10 May at 8pm! This event is only open to CUMSA graduate students.

While original tickets are priced at £21.50 (college member) and £23 (non-college member), our tickets will enjoy a CUMSA subsidy and are going at a special subsidised rate of £17.

If you’re a St Edmund’s college member from CUMSA, you may also choose to book your own ticket outside of our allocated seats, and you will be reimbursed a discount of £4.50 such that the final amount you pay will be the same at £17. However, please note that we cannot guarantee your seating arrangement, and you will have to request to be seated next to us – please reach out to me first over Facebook message or email at if you plan to do so! Please also email your bank account details and entitle the email subject ’CUMSA Graduate Formal 2017 Reimbursement’ for your reimbursement.

Where: St Edmund’s College
When: Friday, 19th May 2017, 7pm
Price: £17
Dress code: Formal; gown optional for non-college members

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