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Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to you on behalf of the Cambridge University Malaysia and Singapore Association (CUMSA). We are a registered University of Cambridge society whose purpose is to represent the interests of the Singaporean and Malaysian communities in the university, as well as those with a connection to the countries. Founded in 1948 with Singapore’s first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, as its first President, the organisation has for many years been at the heart of said communities in Cambridge. With a membership of over 300 students, we provide a platform to support one another, promote our unique culture and discuss pressing issues of national and global concern with a Singaporean context.

Key to CUMSA’s ability to serve our members is the generous sponsorship we have received over the years. Specifically, this funding goes directly towards providing events which physically bring our members together, and towards such other activities as serve the general welfare of the community. We are proud to count the Overseas Singaporean Unit (OSU) and Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP amongst our most valued contributors. As the number of Singaporeans attending the University increases, we strive to sustainably improve on what we offer our members. Much of this growth is driven by our sponsors’ continuing support.

It is for those purposes that we now humbly ask for your support in the form of sponsorship. To this end, sponsorship of CUMSA falls roughly into two categories. The first is general sponsorship, which funds our activities throughout the year. The second is event-specific sponsorship, which goes towards major annual events in our academic year, such as our Annual Dinner, Garden Party and Oxbridge Games.

We value all sponsorship received, and do our utmost to serve the interests of our sponsors. Primarily, of course, CUMSA is responsible for ensuring that all our spending is conducted prudently (subject to appropriate checks). We also ensure that every dollar does real service: any contributions made go directly to the students that make up our membership – and hence obliquely to the advancement of education.

Furthermore, we also work to give our sponsors greater visibility amongst our membership – and in the university as a whole – though such publicity methods as are laid out in the attached guide. In the same way that we seek to keep our members informed about matters of general interest regarding Singapore, we also see benefit in providing information about industries and organisations to which they may return. The University of Cambridge is consistently ranked among the world’s top universities. Our students and graduates are equipped with world-class skills and knowledge, and may hence be valuable assets to your company as regards recruitment.

For additional information on what we can offer our sponsors, please contact our Sponsorship Officer, Ziyan Wang, at sponsorship@cumsa.org, for a copy of our Sponsorship Booklet, which has full details of sponsorship benefits and packages. Going forward, we hope to build lasting and sustainable partnerships with our sponsors, and would be very grateful for your support. Should you need more information, please feel free to contact Ziyan Wang or our Treasurer, Tommy Ong (treasurer@cumsa.org). We hope you will consider supporting CUMSA and its work.

Yours faithfully,
Xueyan Huang
President 2019/20
Cambridge University Malaysia and Singapore Association

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