Mental Health Support

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Life in Cambridge may be enjoyable and enriching, but it is also tough. Sometimes, the weariness and inadequacy that you feel may turn out to be something more. Just like physical illness, mental illness can strike absolutely anyone, irrespective of “strength” or “good humour”. Indeed, mental illness does have a biological basis, so it is completely wrong to call it “weakness”, as many do. The stigma is unwarranted and sometimes dangerous.

If you think you may be showing symptoms of a mental illness, more questions may surface: what do you do? Whom can you talk to? Do you see a doctor? What happens next? Will any of your friends understand?

This, particularly the last point, is where we hope to come in. By linking up those who may need such help (Peers) with those who have been through something like this before (Supporters), we tap on the caring nature of our close-knit community. An empathetic ear can make all the difference in making one feel less alone. While this is not in any way meant to substitute or replace professional medical help, it can be an effective complement to professional treatment.

Provided on the right, in consultation with Silver Ribbon (Singapore) is some helpful information.

Want to talk?

Providing your details in the form below allows us to link you up with a supporter. While certainly no replacement for proper professional care, they can be of great help.

Your details will be kept strictly confidential except for the Welfare Officer, Database Officer, and your Supporter.

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Would you like to be a supporter?

If you have had personal experience with mental illness, we would be extremely grateful if you might be willing to help those who might also be facing depression. We will send you a guidebook with more information on the role.

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