Fresher Parenting

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Hello soon-to-be-second-years-and-above! Have you always:

  • Missed the naiveté of unsuspecting freshers?
  • Wished you could give your pre-Cambridge self some advice?
  • Made bets with friends that you’d be a wonderful parent?

Look no further! All you have to do is sign yourself up below. You don’t even need to find a partner—we’ll matchmake you as best as we can. As a parent and partner, you will be tasked with befriending your spouse and children, which could be a challenge, but also could be great fun! Whether you’ve been through or managed to escape an awkward proposal, register below and take those innocent babbies under your wing!

(Please note that we try to separate graduate parenting from undergraduate parenting. If you are a graduate, we encourage you to sign up with another graduate.)

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