Current Committee

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Executive Committee

Hello! I’m Yung Cher but you can call me Blake too. I am a Modern & Medieval Languages (MML) student at Wolfson. I study German and Spanish: not just the grammar and translation, but also history, philosophy, linguistics and literature by writers such as Franz Kafka and Gabriel García Márquez.
My year in Cambridge has been an amazing one, with lots of opportunities to meet new people, challenge my mind and pursue new interests. It won’t be easy, but I am sure that Cambridge will be an incredibly meaningful experience for every one of you. I am honoured to get the chance to lead CUMSA and I hope you will join us in our exciting events in the year ahead. Looking forward to seeing you in Cambridge.

Blake Ho Yung Cher
Modern Languages
Wolfson College


Going away to a foreign land on your own for 3 years is not quite the same as a long holiday. You will probably feel a fair bit of anxiety and trepidation at the prospect of living alone, away from home, with no familiar faces – I know I did. Thankfully, members of CUMSA were always there to provide comfort, guidance and assurance. My anxieties were hugely alleviated and I felt safe in the knowledge that I would always be able to look to them for help. They paved the way for a hugely enriching, fulfilling and enjoyable first year at Cambridge. The CUMSA committee promises to do the same and will be there for you!

Nicole Carisia Chia 
Girton College


Hi! I’m Joshua, a first-year economist from Christ’s. CUMSA was a great source of support as I transitioned into my new life in Cambridge. I am very grateful for the love that I’ve received from CUMSA and hope to provide the same level of support to incoming freshers and current members!
I am responsible for all money-related matters in CUMSA (yes the econs guy is the designated money guy…). Anyway, feel free to talk to me if you have any ideas on how CUMSA’s funds could be better used to benefit the society or just wish to have a chat!

Joshua Poon
Christ’s College

Publicity Secretary

Hi everyone! I am Hazel, a second-year Law student from Trinity College. Apart from playing the ukulele, I enjoy documenting memories, be it through photographs, videos or paintings. I enjoy meeting new people and the people I’ve met in CUMSA have played such a big role in the transition to university. I hope CUMSA can be your second home too!

Hazel Ng
Trinity College

Sports Officer

Hello, I’m Stan, an engineer at Sidney Sussex. My hobbies include cooking, watching TV shows and playing the guitar. Cambridge has been a wonderful place full of amazing people and CUMSA has been a great part of my first year. In the next year, I hope CUMSA will continue to bring people together and also continue acting as a source of support for those who are looking for a taste of home. I will be taking over as Sports Secretary next year, so do let me know if you have any sports related queries/activities you wish to bring up!

Stan Wong
Sidney Sussex College

Graduate Representative

Hey guys! I’m Jasmine, an MPhil in Management student from Magdalene. While I’m currently pursuing a corporate career, I used to be an undergraduate research scholar in literature, and hope to continue contributing to the academic research community. I also love dancing ballet and contemporary dance! I’m honoured to be your Graduate Representative this year, and it’s my aim to bring the graduate community closer together with the undergraduates. Definitely feel free to reach out to me if you’ve any feedback at all, or ideas for future events! :)

Jasmine Doo
MPhil Management
Magdalene College

General Committee

Events Officer

Hello there! I am Madhu, a medic from Girton College. I enjoy photography, teaching myself basic graphic design & playing the guitar in my free time. Cambridge has an extremely diverse community and gives you plenty of opportunities to mingle with like-minded people and forge close friendships. It may be slightly daunting at first but CUMSA is always a great place to start and gave me a safe & warm environment when I first arrived in this foreign place. Together with the rest of the committee, I am excited to organise novel events and genuinely hope that CUMSA makes you feel at home as much as it did for me. Hope to see you around and at CUMSA events!

Girton College

Database Officer

Hi, Zhiqi here! I am studying Engineering in Hughes Hall. I like to try out new things and play sports that I have never tried before. In the first year, I picked up Kayaking and Frisbee and they were an important part of my life in Cambridge, amidst all the stress and studying here. I hope that CUMSA can be a source of support for you as well, bringing together friends and feeling homesick together. See you around in Cambridge!

Zhiqi Wang
Hughes Hall College

Logistics Officer

Hey! Im Mark, a Second Year Medic from Fitzwilliam! I can be frequently spotted at Nero’s for that compulsory morning coffee, or ordering noodle soup from the Thai food truck after 1pm lectures. I love meeting new people, saying stupid things, and occasionally embarrassing myself in public (though hopefully not at the same time!) Cambridge is an exciting place, Hope you will find amazing opportunities to meet incredible people and gain unique perspectives. Am excited to be working in with the Sing Soc and helping make a community and home away from home!  Look forward to seeing you around this year!

Mark Wong
Fitzwilliam College

Sponsorship Officer

Hi!! I’m Darius, a first year lawyer at Girton. I love playing rugby, traveling and singing! CUMSA is a family where everyone helps and encourages each other when the going gets tough. As a committee, we will do our best to ensure that the activities and events planned will help to create an inclusive and supportive society where everyone can feel at home.

Darius Ng
Girton College

Welfare Officer

Hi, I’m Jiaqi, a medic at Newnham and your welfare officer :D I love food (trying to cook but mostly baking cakes), science, running and ice cream! This year in Cambridge has definitely been a crazy ride, and you slowly find yourself familiar with the British slang and having a taste for tea and scones. But amidst the 9ams and never-ending essays, CUMSA will hopefully be a constant source of comfort and friends, and I hope to continue to bring you lots of fun and welfare love in the coming year. Feel free to message me – always up for a chat, whether it’s regarding CUMSA or not. :)

Jiaqi Li
Newnham College

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