Current Committee

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Executive Committee

Hello! I’m Gabriel, a first-year lawyer at Homerton. I love landscapes and watercolour painting as well as Art and the art market in general. Cambridge has been and wonderful place full of amazing people, great social life and brilliant lecturers. I am sure you will all find it an incredible journey of self-discovery, forge life-long friendships and find personal growth. I am excited to pilot the Singaporean society and provide the necessary support and initiatives to make your journey with us a meaningful one. Looking forward to seeing you this year!

Gabriel Wang
Homerton College


Hi there, I’m Bryan, a lawyer at Gonville and Caius. Cambridge is such a nice place, made even nicer by the presence of your fellow countrymen and those who share the same interests and passions as you. CUMSA has been an amazing place for me to catch up with friends, and soak in the blissful environment of familiarity. As I’m sure you’ll discover, it’s the one place which you can truly call a home away from home. I hope CUMSA will bring you the same, if not more, amount of joy as it has for me. Do hit me up if you want to play tennis, are interested in gaming, or just to chat or do anything fun at all.
CUMSA has always been great; Let’s make it even greater!

Bryan Mark Chong
Gonville and Caius College


Hi! I’m Joshua, a first-year economist from Christ’s. CUMSA was a great source of support as I transitioned into my new life in Cambridge. I am very grateful for the love that I’ve received from CUMSA and hope to provide the same level of support to incoming freshers and current members!
I am responsible for all money-related matters in CUMSA (yes the econs guy is the designated money guy…). Anyway, feel free to talk to me if you have any ideas on how CUMSA’s funds could be better used to benefit the society or just wish to have a chat!

Joshua Poon
Christ’s College

Publicity Secretary

Hi everyone! My name is Jazreen. I’m from Christ’s college and I read law. My favourite thing to do of all time (aside from sleeping, hahaha) is to WATCH!!! TV!!! I follow series like The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Suits, Game of Thrones, and the like. In my free time I am also learning brush calligraphy and other artsy fartsy design techniques by myself :>

Christ’s College

Sports Officer

Hey everyone :) I am Sujay and I am taking over as CUMSA’s sports secretary! I love all kinds of sports (but Basketball will always hold a special place in my heart :P). I strongly believe that sports is an incredible tool to form bonds and I am incredibly excited to provide CUMSA members with more opportunities to do just that! Feel free to approach me if you have any requests or ideas related to sport. See ya around :)

Sujay Thakur
Christ’s College

Graduate Representative

Hey guys! I’m Jasmine, an MPhil in Management student from Magdalene. While I’m currently pursuing a corporate career, I used to be an undergraduate research scholar in literature, and hope to continue contributing to the academic research community. I also love dancing ballet and contemporary dance! I’m honoured to be your Graduate Representative this year, and it’s my aim to bring the graduate community closer together with the undergraduates. Definitely feel free to reach out to me if you’ve any feedback at all, or ideas for future events! :)

Jasmine Doo
MPhil Management
Magdalene College

General Committee

Events Officer

Hey, I’m Jarvis. I’m a first-year lawyer from Trinity. Cambridge is a place that’s pretty cool. Even though it can get quite hectic, you don’t have to fear – it definitely is more than just a school. In your years here you’ll have made all kinds of friends, cycled in hurricane speed winds, tried all kinds of quaint English food (hit me up for frog-in-the-hole and crumpets), miss countless 9am lectures, queue at Van of Life in the blistering cold and generally have an unforgettable time. CUMSA events do go a long way towards contributing to your experience at Cambridge (and I’m not saying that because I’m in charge of events I swear), so please do come along!

Jarvis Go
Trinity College

Database Officer

Hey! I’m Choon Kiat, a first year engineer from Christ’s and the Database Officer! I love to cook and feed people so just come to find food whenever you want :)

I’ve really enjoyed being in CUMSA and taking part in the many activities and events planned for us and I hope that I can do the same for everyone too :)

Lee Choon Kiat
Christ’s College

Logistics Officer

Hi! I am Yau Xuan, a NatSci student from Peterhouse and I am CUMSA committee’s Logistics Officer! I am a board games fanatic who loves badminton and an aspiring bathroom singer who enjoys his Mandopop + Karaoke! I really love organising stuff in general for people, and I will try my best with the rest of the committee to plan for various meaningful and inclusive events for all members! Please feel free to talk to me about anything, whether it is regarding logistics or not.

Ng Yau Xuan
Natural Sciences

Sponsorship Officer


Hello there! I’m John Paul, and I’m a first year engineer at Churchill College. While I’m not learning about the mechanics of the physical world I enjoy taking a jog or cycle round West Cambridge and hanging out with friends over a meal. Feel free to approach me at any time to talk about CUMSA events, ideas or anything really. In particular, if you have any sponsorship opportunities or queries do let me know as this goes a long way in helping the society grow. Hope to see you around soon!

John Paul Wu
Churchill College

Welfare Officer

I am Arthur Lee, your utterly friendly and loving (and some say charming) welfare officer! I am a biolo-, without the -gist as I still have yet to get the gist of Natural Sciences, the subject I am reading. Feel free to approach me if you are in need of support and welfare love.

Arthur Lee
Natural Sciences
Magdalene College

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