CUMSA Constitution

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Section 1: Name

The name of the organization shall be the Cambridge University Malaysia and Singapore Association.

Section 2: Purposes

The aims of the association shall be :

  1. To hold meetings whereby Malaysians, Singaporeans and other interested can gather.
  2. To discuss problems and issues of current interest relating in particular to Malaysia and Singapore.
  3. To represent the interest and welfare of the Malaysian and Singaporean students in Cambridge in particular.
  4. To link Malaysian and Singaporean students in Cambridge to the relevant alumni associations in their home countries.

Section 3: Membership

  1. Membership of the Association shall be open to all Malaysians and Singaporeans and to all other University members interested in Malaysia and Singapore. Only members who are current students of the University of Cambridge shall have full voting rights.
  2. The subscription shall be determined by the Committee for the current year.
  3. Members of the Association may be automatically enrolled in the mailing lists of the relevant alumni associations in Malaysia and Singapore. They may unsubscribe at any time.

Section 4: Committee

  1. The Committee shall consist of the President, the Secretary, the Junior Treasurer, the Publicity Secretary, and the Sports Secretary (the majority of whom must be current students of the University of Cambridge), the Graduate Representative and five members of the General Committee. There shall also be a Senior Treasurer (see Section 8, para 7).
  2. The quorum for a Committee Meeting shall be six.
  3. The President shall have a casting vote where there is no clear majority.
  4. In the case of any vacancy in the Committee during the current year, the Committee shall make provision for a By-Election.
  5. The Committee shall have power to receive and spend money on the behalf of the Association and to control the management of the Association.
  6. Any member of the Committee not attending three consecutive Committee Meetings shall cease to be a member of the Committee, unless he gives a satisfactory explanation to the Committee.
  7. The Committee shall have power to make By-Laws as are necessary for the routine management of the Association. The Secretary shall inform members of the Association about these By-Laws.
  8. Any member of the committee who wishes to resign is required to submit a formal letter of resignation explaining his/her reasons for doing so. This letter will then be forwarded to the members.
  9. Following the decision to resign, a committee member will continue to assume his/her role in the committee until another member is voted in.
  10. The committee member should be present, in the event of a by-election or EGM, to explain his/her resignation.
  11. A separate election for the Graduate Representative is to be held in Michaelmas Term.
  12. The term of the Graduate Representative shall be from the start to the end of the academic year.
  13. At least one committee member shall be responsible for acting as the contact point with the relevant alumni associations in Malaysia and Singapore.

Section 5: Duties of the President

  1. If the President is absent from any meeting or indisposed for any period, the Secretary shall deputize on his behalf.
  2. The President shall have authority on any question or order, and for the purpose of the meeting shall be the sole interpreter of the Laws, except that his ruling can be challenged by two-thirds of the members present.

Section 6: General Meeting

  1. The President shall summon an Annual General Meeting during the Lent Term for which a week’s notice must be given.
  2. At the Annual General Meeting, the Association shall elect the Committee for the following year; only members who are current students of the University of Cambridge are entitled to vote for the committee.
  3. The Committee-Elect shall take office after a transition period of no less than fourteen days.
  4. Voting shall be by secret ballot. A Single Transferable Vote System shall be used to count the vote.
    1. Only members present at the Annual General Meeting shall be entitled to vote. The Committee shall, however, during the course of the meeting, have the discretion to issue proxy vote forms.
    2. Members voting through these proxy forms shall be deemed to be present at the meeting.
    3. For the purposes of subsection (a), members who submit their votes through online voting shall be deemed to be present at the meeting.
    4. For the purposes of subsection (c), members will be deemed to have submitted their votes through online voting if:
      1. The Committee allows online voting on the issue in question, which they may do impliedly by the conduct of creating an online voting form and/or by informing members of it.
      2. The member in question has completed the form and submitted it in accordance with any instructions for submission.
    5. The Committee shall ensure that all campaign material, for candidates to the Committee or for motions to be tabled at a General Meeting, are made accessible to members before they vote, regardless of how they vote.
      1. Campaign material in this clause refers to the following:
        1. Manifestoes and Written Speeches of candidates to the Committee.
        2. Written Text and Rationale of proposed motions.
        3. Any other material which the Committee deems necessary to allow members to make an informed decision on the matter.
  5. Only members present at the Annual General Meeting can be nominated.

Section 7: Miscellaneous

  1. Any motion may be tabled at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting by any member, provided it is given in writing to the Secretary, and seven days’ notice is given to members. These requirements may be waived at the discretion of the President.
  2. Any motion and any amendment to the motion shall require a proposer and a seconder, and shall be carried by a majority.
  3. These rules may be amended only at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.
  4. No amendments to the Constitution may be moved without prior notice of seven days and carried, unless voted for by two-thirds of the members present.
  5. Notwithstanding that all members (including life members) will have the right to vote, at least one-third of the total number of matriculated members currently engaged in full time study at the University must have voted at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting in order for it to be valid.
  6. E-Voting may be used, at the discretion of the President, to vote for tabled motions and for by-elections, provided that it is announced seven days before voting. Relevant avenues will also be set up to facilitate discussions, e.g. online forums, prior to voting. The same quorum is required as mentioned in Section 7.5.
  7. A motion to dissolve the Society may be passed at a General Meeting provided that:
    1. The President and the Committee have given the members notice of
 such a motion at least twenty-one days prior to the General Meeting,
    2. At least two-thirds of the members present vote in favour of the motion, and
    3. The motion provides that any assets remaining after all liabilities have
 been met shall be transferred either to another Registered University
 Society, or to the Societies’ Syndicate.

Section 8: Capital Fund

  1. The purpose of the Fund is to finance the activities and administration of the Association, and to promote links with the contributors.
  2. The Junior Treasurer shall maintain a separate account for the Fund in the form of a long term interest-bearing account. This excludes any investment of the principal in any form where speculative or capital gains may accrue.
  3. Only the interest accrued may be used by the Committee at its discretion to promote the aims and functions of the Association.
  4. The principal sum shall remain in deposit without alienation to the following exception: In the event of the dissolution of CUMSA the principal shall revert to the contributors in due proportion.
  5. Any member shall have the right to review the accounts provided three days’ notice is given to the Junior Treasurer.
    1. All contributors to the Fund shall be acknowledged in all subsequent annual publications as the “Sponsors of CUMSA”.
    2. The Committee shall assist in the dissemination of any literature or publication received from the Sponsors of CUMSA.
  6. The Senior Treasurer, who is a member of the Regent House, or some other person agreed with the Proctors, shall make arrangements for the Society’s Accounts to be properly audited, either by 
himself or herself, or by some other person approved under University 
Ordinances. The Senior Treasurer shall not be liable for any financial debt or 
other obligation of the Society unless he or she has personally authorised
 such a debt in writing.

Section 9: Policy on ticket refunds to the Constitution

  1. For events with limited tickets, members who have booked tickets but fail to attend are only entitled to a partial refund of 50% of the ticket price.
  2. A full refund can only be given if:
    1. Notice of ticket cancellation is given before a set deadline. This deadline can differ for different events, and will be determined by the committee in each case.
    2. Evidence is provided to show that the absence was caused by fully unforeseeable reasons. Whether such evidence is sufficient will be decided by the majority of the committee.

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