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Dear members,

The CUMSA committee is proud to release the details for three of our Lent events! Do check out the notices below for more information on our Asian Food Festival, Annual General Meeting, and Annual Dinner. Please note that ticketing for AFF will open tomorrow, 25 January 2017, at 8pm. We look forward to your enthusiastic sign-ups!

Bridget Zhang
Secretary 16/17
1. CUMSA Asian Food Festival 2017
2. CUMSA Annual General Meeting 2017
3. CUMSA Annual Dinner 2017

[Events] 1. CUMSA Asian Food Festival 2017
Whether you are missing the familiar taste of home in this festive season or craving some good company before your workload becomes too overwhelming, this year’s Asian Food Festival will not disappoint. We have an amazing line-up of dishes bursting with the feel of home-cooked food, prepared by fellow CUMSA members. The details for the event are as follows.

Date: 4 February 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 7pm – 9 pm
Venue: Stoneyard Centre Upper Hall (St Andrew’s Baptist Church)

Do keep a look out for at event page ( for the menu, which will be slowly released over the next few days! Please also note that the food served will not be halal.

Tickets sales open at 8pm on 25 January 2017 (Wednesday) and are priced at:
£6 for CUMSA members
£8 for CUMaS members
£10 for non-members
Tickets will be released here:

We look forward to seeing you there!

[Events] 2. CUMSA Annual General Meeting 2017
The AGM is a yearly affair during which CUMSA elects its Committee for the following year, reviews the Association’s finances for the past year, and votes on the proposed constitutional amendments. The details for this year’s AGM are:

Date: 11 February 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 2.00pm – 6.30pm
Venue: CUSU Lounge, 17 Mill Lane

As with previous years, CUMSA’s mid-term lunch will be held before the AGM. More information about the lunch will be released on a later date.

We are calling for all interested and eligible CUMSA members to run for a position on the new Committee which will hold office from February 2017-18. This is a fun and fulfilling experience, as well as a platform to hone your leadership skills. 5 positions each in the Executive and General Committees are available. They are as follows:

Executive Committee
Junior Treasurer
Publicity Secretary
Sports Secretary

General Committee
Sponsorship Officer
Logistics Officer
Welfare Officer
Events Officer
Database Officer

These positions – together with the Graduate Representative who has already been elected – will function as one CUMSA Committee in the upcoming year.We strongly encourage all interested members to speak to any current or past Committee member to find out about their experiences. The contacts for the current Committee can be found here:

If you wish to run for a position, please submit a manifesto to by 2 February 2017, 2359h. Your manifesto must include a photo of yourself, the names and college/s of your proposer and seconder, and the position you are running for (optional if you are aiming for the General Committee – more details below). It should also include your motivation for running and what you hope to achieve during your term. Past manifestos can be viewed here:

For those running for a position in the Executive Committee:
The position that you are running for should be made explicit in your campaign from the start. If you are not elected into the Executive Committee at the AGM, you have the option of running for a position in the General Committee. Please inform Bridget if you wish to run for the General Committee as well by 2 February 2017, 2359h.

For those running for a position in the General Committee:
As it is up to the new Committee to define the roles of the General Committee, candidates are not required to specify the position that they are running for, although they may explicitly do so in their campaigns if they wish.

Candidates should refrain from posting or distributing any additional material so as to ensure fairness and accessibility. Voting will take place both during the AGM and online.

Besides submitting the above, members interested in running for a position will need to attend the AGM in person and give a short speech, as well as field questions from the ground. You are also required to be present for the entirety of the AGM unless in such exceptional circumstances as approved beforehand. If you feel that this may be the case, please include this in the email with the manifesto.Additionally, the outgoing Committee traditionally has a dinner with the incoming Committee after the AGM, so please plan your schedules accordingly! More details will be given at a later date.

Constitutional amendments
Any CUMSA member may submit motions to propose changes in CUMSA’s Constitution. These motions would then be voted on during the AGM and online. Our current Constitution may be found at If you wish to propose a motion, please submit a motion preamble to describe the rationale for change in addition to the actual change itself. You will also require a seconder. Please send all these to by 2 February 2017, 2359h.

If you have any queries about the conduct of the AGM, please feel free to drop either Michelle ( or Bridget ( an email.

[Events] 3. CUMSA Annual Dinner 2017

CUMSA is proud to present a night of movie magic and fun! Join us for an unforgettable evening of great food, entertainment and company, centered around some of the greatest blockbuster films! In addition to a 3-course meal with drinks, you can look forward to amazing photo booths, lucky draw prizes, and performances.

Date: 25th February 2017
Time: 6.00pm – 11.30pm
Venue: Hilton Cambridge City Centre, 20 Downing Street, CB2 3DT Cambridge
Dress code: Black tie

Pre-dinner drinks will start at 6.30pm and dinner at 7pm.

Tickets cost £22 (CUMSA members), £25 (CUMaS members) and £28 (others) for dinner, wine and entertainment. Ticketing will open at 8pm on 30 January 2017 (Monday) at

There will be 12 tables of 10 people. Please purchase your tickets individually first, and then email your preferred table allocations to Bridget at, stating the full names of those at your table. This should be done as soon as you have your entourage sorted out, and latest by 7 February 2017 to facilitate preparations. We will try our best to give everyone their preferred allocations.

We are also calling for all members who are interested in performing for our annual dinner to sign up with us. You may perform both individually and as a group. All performers will receive a £6 discount off their Annual Dinner tickets. Please email Bridget by 7 February 2017 if you wish to perform.

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you have any queries, please contact me at

Best wishes,
Bridget Zhang
Secretary 16/17

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